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838 duo drop a new track 


RADA sells out her first headline show!


House of Pharaohs own BlazeYL , gives us a new banger


Sold out underground UK Show 

London events company "then3xtup"

 are putting on a show in North London's famous BOXPARK WEMBLEY. Featuring some of our favourite underground artists. June 24th is the date where the likes of Bawo, Safiyyah Feux and Rasstokyo take to the stage to an already sold out audience.

Hopefully being the first of many shows, coming straight from the north of ENGLAND your favourites from Pedestal music ARE expected to be in attendance loving the vibes. We hope more than anything the 21st of June national lockdown bi -garn day actually happens. So that the already affected music and events industry can come back to life. For those of you going hope isss gon be lit! and for the rest of you, wait on the Pedestal Parties movement coming soon!


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Hood Shakespeare Blanco was Bourne with bars 

In another world Blanco is a lecturer of English Language at Oxford

Have you seriously taken in Blancos music? Because he is not a joke. From the Harlem days Blancos verse was always a verse you waited to hear in anticipation. It was that "kennington where it started" verse for me, when a young Blanco came in like "step round here whats good whats good" *shivers* Since then it has been non-stop from "solomon rondon" to "pull up", Blanco has not let up. Now he is on the cinematic vibes with a preview of his new video paying homage to X mens Magneto. ( I can already hear the word play)

His bars are a true testament to the talent that exists on the UK music scene, he has proven to be purely talent driven with his ability to pluck a punchline out of thin air. YO! its getting me gassed even writing about it, the persistence the passion and precision of his delivery are on point; ALWAYS. 

" 2 black hands on a wap...sepsis" Blanco goes the completely opposite way you think the bar is going to go, and with just over a million monthly Spotify streams, the skies the limit for the hoods Shakespeare.